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About CP4L

We are on a mission to become Cricket Wireless preferred growth partner​
About Us

About Us

Cell Phones for Less
is a Cricket Wireless authorized retailer with 40 locations throughout NY and PA.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience and
products available in the wireless industry. From the newest phones to
unlimited data plans, we have something for everyone. Stop by one of
our stores today and see why Cell Phones for Less is the best place to
shop for your wireless needs!

Our Mission

To bring to life the Cricket brand in the communities we serve.


To cultivate meaningful work and meaningful relationships while connecting our customers with their loved ones.

Our Vision

Become Cricket’s largest Authorized Retailer in the North East​.


We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection knowing very well that we may never be perfect, but the prospect of winning and achieving excellence in everything we do propels us forward. We aspire to be the best in class in everything we do. And we love it when we dominate the scorecards amongst Cricket ARs in our territory and across the country. We love when our members compete against one another and constantly recognize that good enough is never good enough.


We hate drama and negativity. We think it’s toxic and toxicity is contagious. We find opportunities in every problem and we abhor those who find problems in every opportunity. Our positivity is grounded, however, and we never detach from reality. Blind optimism does not belong to our organization and we fight the good fight day in and day out having the faith that we will persevere.


We believe in servant leadership and aspire to become an organization of trust where everyone acts for the greater good of the team and believes in something greater than themselves. We recognize that to effectively lead others, we must learn how to lead thyself first which allows us to lead by example. We are in constant pursuit of growing self-sufficient individuals, districts, and the company. To become a level 5 leadership organization is our ultimate pursuit.

4 Core Values


Playing by the rules, doing the right thing and doing it when no one is watching, and honoring our words to ourselves. We have zero tolerance for those who lack integrity and we stand ready to take financial losses to uphold integrity and all our values.

Passion for People

We believe in community, comradery, empathy, respect, love, and care for all stakeholders. We embrace, support, and empower one another. We recognize that people come first and know very well that if we take good care of our people, eventually the company will thrive.


We are a result driven organization that continuously raises the bar of performance in the prism of the 3 Ps- Performance compared to Plan, Peers, and Previous Period.

Getting better every day

the ancient Greeks recognized long ago that a life not explored is a life not worth living. We never stop learning and continue to adopt a student mentality. We are humble in recognizing we don’t have all the answers and we constantly look for ways to improve personally, professionally, and the organization. We are not afraid of admitting we are wrong and not afraid of making mistakes or seeking help when we are in over our heads. We seek responsibility and assume responsibility.

Integrity In Our Eyes

Doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Doing the right thing when no one is watching. Our employees understand that doing the right thing by our customers, especially when no one is watching, is an important pillar to preserve the integrity of our brand and operation.

Playing by the rules

The company will have a set of polices and procedures that will drive the operating system of our organization. Abiding by these rules is critical to the success and well- being of the company to ensure outstanding customer service.


At Cell Phones for Less, we pride ourselves on conducting business with integrity. Integrity is not just a fancy word our company tosses around because it’s the politically correct thing to say, it is truly the building block from which our organization functions to serve our customers and the communities we operate in. Integrity at its core means something that is whole and complete. Our company is whole and complete when everyone in the company follows the three layers of integrity.

Honoring Thy Word: The highest form of integrity

It is from this where dreams are realized and potentials are reached. When everyone in an organization honors their words to themselves because that is the standards they have set, goal attainment and accomplishments are so easily obtained from this layer of integrity. Cell phones for less wants to build a culture where people do the right thing because they want to not because they must. It starts with making small promises to oneself and honoring those promises.